There are 1,000 competent doctors(名義) within the human body

There are about 100 trillion human cells, and each cell has its defined life span. At every moment, cell death and regeneration of a cell is repeated. For example, 500,000 brain cells die every day, and 2,000,000 brain cells die from alcohol intake.
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This mechanism is due the law of nature, (apoptosis) – [Natural life span of the cell based its gene]. Degradation of this ability leads to aging and occurrence of diseases. Active cell regeneration indicates good circulation. With good cell regeneration, inflammation disappears and tissues become healthy. 아포토시스 In the past, cause of all disease was believed to be from bacteria and virus. Hence anti-biotic drugs were given to patients for all disease treatments.
Today, out of 13,200 diseases, most are chronic diseases. (diabetes, hypertension, cancer, eczema, autoimmune disorder, vascular diseases, etc)
these diseases are usually caused by breakage of lifestyle balance due to stress, environmental pollution, alcohol, smoking, drug abuse, poorly processed food/drinks, lack of exercise, chemical cosmetics, etc. This is the widely-accepted theory where the case mentioned above causes circulatory disorders which leads to various other disorders. The best way to gain control over these diseases is to shed off the habits that become the cause of lifestyle imbalance. However, realistically, this is very difficult to execute. On top of that, in a case where balance has already been broken and disease has occurred, great amount of time will be required despite overcoming the habits. What happens inside the body if you take hypertension drugs every day? Hypertension drug weakens the heart’s pumping ability, and slows down the blood flow. In the past, there were a lot of cerebral hemorrhage patients. In recent days of prescribing large amounts of hypertension drugs, increasing number of cerebral infarction patients has been reported. What does this say to you? The beginning of immunity care is circulation, and the end of it is also circulation. At the end of the day, what really matters is circulation when it comes to immunity care. Good circulation helps cell regeneration, which leads to large production of energy within the body. If so, our body will recover and become young and healthy, and this is the way to regain the immunity balance.