PBM is short for Photobiomodulation


Life expectancy of humans has improved, yet the years of suffering from chronic diseases have also increased.

As there are more number of people living with diseases, the modern medicine’s concept of solely using drugs to gain control of one’s life is also changing.

Hue light has been studying a way to concurrently enhance the innate immune system/curative powers of human body, and also keeping the patient’s autonomy to not merely rely on others for the cure of disease.

Hue light studies and develops Photobiomodulation Therapy (Low Level Laser Therapy) based on visible light and near infrared ray. Moreover, we research, develop, and manufacture Whole Body Photobiomodulation Chambers, Brain Photobiomodulation, Breast Photobiomodulation, Abdomen use Photobiomodulation, and Special Purpose Photon Therapy Machine that are needed for cancer immune care. 휴라이트 소개

“Photobiomodulation” (PBM) has been appearing in National Institutes of Health USA’s (NIH USA) academic information classification of MeSH (Medical Subject Healing) – as a major keyword for future means of treatment since 2016.

“Photo” means light, “BIO” means live tissues, and “Modulation” means change.

The major feature of PLT based on PBM technology, is that capillaries are revitalized and Nitric oxide is generated from mitochondria due to optical absorption.

As a result, cell regeneration is enhanced (becomes active) since nutrients and oxygen are efficiently transferred to cells. Moreover, blood circulation becomes fluent.

There is no doubt that blood circulation and cell regeneration is the most pivotal factor when it comes to natural healing.
Naturally, there are numerous “good doctors/skilful doctors” (名醫) within the human body. ‘Supporting these “good doctors” so that they can fulfill their duties well, and straightening the disordered balance to reach recovery on its own’ – this is the law of nature, and a condition to live a healthy life.

Based on respecting the law of nature, Hueilght will do the work of supporting the body’s own “doctors” to fulfill their job (efficiently).

Thank you.