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"Veterinary acupuncturists came to bel ieve that although both the wavelength (spectrum) and pulsing of light are important, pulsing is more critical to treatment results than wavelength (spectrum) and pulsing at Nogier’s frequencies produces the best results observed to date."
- Charles McGee, MD
이미지 - Dr. Paul Nogier Our lives depend on a symphony of vibrations— a symphony that is often unheard and unseen until we experience symptoms of discomfort and eventually disease. This symphony of vibration or frequencies is the language of the universe. Every form of life depends on frequencies. The light we see and the sounds we hear are in the visible and audible vibratory range. The orchestra of life and the universe, however, includes many other instruments that vibrate faster and slower than those we see or hear. Energy Medicine Understanding energy medicine helps to understand how the Nogier frequencies work. Energy medicine is a term known in the realm of natural treatment and health area. Energy medicine works to restore the body’s natural frequencies or vibrations to improve health.To better understand how powerfully the subtle energies or vibrations for healing work, we visit the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto in Japan. His research with water graphically shows how dynamic invisible vibrations can be.
Dr. Emoto developed a technique to capture how the use of words, as expressed through our emotions and thoughts, has an effect on water. His technology was able to clearly show, through photographs, the forms in frozen water crystals.
이미지 Messages were sent to water samples as vibrations(waves) from words, music and thoughts. The water samples exposed to messages of love and harmony—such as ‘love and gratitude’—when frozen, form beautiful crystalline structures. Water exposed to the word ‘thank you’ in several different languages, always formed a beautiful crystal structure. When exposed to inspiring and uplifting music such as “Amazing Grace,” composed by Mozart or Beethoven, or a prayer, the water also formed snowflake-like images.
On the other hand, water from a tap, without exposure to any specific messages, did not form the clear crystalline structures. Water exposed to heavy-metal music formed a darker pattern without any clear crystal structures. The words ‘You Fool’ formed a similar pattern to that of heavy-metal music. The words ‘soul’ and ‘demon’ gave a clear comparison of the intention of our words. Soul formed a bright, crystal image with a heart shape in the center while demons left a murky, shapeless image.
Dr. Emoto’s work has particular significance for our bodies as we are composed of about 70% of water. When cells are exposed to frequencies or vibrations that are natural to healthy body cells, the invisible frequencies have a potentially powerful ability to help heal our bodies. The effect of vibrations that are not in the natural healthy range of body cells may go unnoticed for years. The effect of invisible energies, invisible thus far, becomes visible to us when mental, emotional and physical symptoms erupt.
The Earth's Frequency 이미지 Life is supported by the Earth’s magnetic frequency field.
We are always bathed in this invisible frequency field.
The Earth frequency varies within a narrow range with 7.83 Hz considered the base frequency it is known as the Schumann frequency, named after the man who discovered it.
Vibrations are expressed as frequencies.
Frequency, measured in Hertz (Hz) is an indication of the number of times an object vibrates in one second, or a measurement of cycles per second.For example, the power that operates our household appliances occurs at a frequency of 60 Hz in North America. In Europe it is delivered at 50 Hz. Hence the electrical flow vibrates at a rate of 50 or 60 cycles per second.
There is substantial evidence indicating that the speed of vibrations that powers our household appliances at 50 or 60 Hz can have an unhealthy effect on us. Together with the plethora of electronic devices in our world, we are bombarded with frequencies that are harmful to the health of our body cells. For this reason, it can be important to have the tools to expose our body cells to healthy frequencies(waves).
이미지 Healthy Frequencies The effects to our body cells of either beneficial or harmful thoughts, emotions or words have been illustrated. Our nutrition and environmental influences also affect the vibration (waves).of our cells.
If the vibrations are not in a healthy range for our cells, the seeds for diseases are sown. These disease-causing or toxic vibrations (waves).allow pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds to develop.
When we apply healthy frequencies, our cells have the opportunity to absorb the frequencies with which they naturally vibrate to keep us healthy.
This is the purpose of the Nogier frequencies, as discovered by French physician, Dr. Paul Nogier.
Who Was Paul Nogier?
Raphael Nogier, the son of Paul Nogier ,who is also a physician, says, “One cannot understand the work of Paul Nogier without knowing his character.”The son shares memories of his father : 이미지 Dr. Paul Nogier There are just a few fortunate people who not only dream, but who are able to realize, dreams and bring them into reality. Paul Nogier was at the same time a man of innovative thoughts and a man of productive action. He was a gifted clinician of exceptional abilities who attentively listened to his patients, respected what they had to say, and thoroughly investigated their maladies.Tirelessly, he examined patients from Monday morning to Saturday evening, trying to understand and cure their illnesses. He was a man who spent much of his time proposing contradictory new ideas, the majority of which fell by the wayside.Nevertheless, his most original ideas remain. It is due to these discoveries that many students followed him so devotedly.Dr. Nogier’s discoveries, from the 1950s to 1970s, are used extensively in medical acupuncture circles today. Nogier left at least three legacies :
  • 1)The Nogier Frequencies,
  • 2)“the man in the ear” or a complete map of the body in the outer ear,
  • 3)a system for reading the pulse known as the Vascular Autonomic Signs (VAS).
This pulse system is used widely in Europe as part of auricular therapy and also by some acupuncturists to both diagnose and assess treatments. Natural Body Frequencies Through painstaking research with the subtle energies of the body, Paul Nogier made an amazing discovery—he charted three frequencies which stimulate the creation of our body tissues : 이미지 Dr. Charles McGee
  • 1)Outermost tissue that forms skin, glands, nerves, eyes, ears, teeth, brain and spinal cord. Tissue known medically as the ectoderm.
  • 2)Innermost tissue that forms the lining of the intestinal tract, lungs, bladder, urethra and auditory tube. Tissue known medically as the endoderm.
  • 3)Middle tissue that forms connective tissue, heart, blood and lymph vessels, kidneys, ovaries, testes, spleen and cortex of the adrenal gland.
    Tissue known medically as the mesoderm.
Charles McGee, an American doctor and author, who traveled to France to attend one of Dr. Nogier’s courses in 1975, writes of the importance of this work : He must have been astounded by the orderliness of a pattern he discovered.
He found that specific body tissues were in resonance with specific frequencies according to their embryologic origin.
I believe this single finding will one day be recognized as one of the greatest discoveries of medicine, possibly worth a Nobel Prize for Nogier.
Dr. Nogier passed away in 1996 without receiving a Nobel Prize. Nogier identified seven frequencies natural to our bodies—
three frequencies that correspond to the three tissue types plus four additional frequencies.

His research shows that the application of these frequencies helps to bring organs and tissues back to their healthy resonant frequency.
A resonant frequency means the natural frequency with which an object, in this case our body cells, vibrate.
Cells are considered to have the ability to pick up their particular resonant frequency when they are exposed to a range of healthy frequencies that includes their particular natural healthy frequency.
The Seven Nogier Frequencies Frequency A | 292Hz Cellular Vitality : Resonates with the Ectoderm (outermost tissue) that forms skin, glands, nerves, eyes, ears, teeth, brain and spinal cord. Assists wound healing, skin and nerve repair, and reduces scar tissue, inflammation and tumors. Try D if a chronic condition related to A is not improving. Frequency A is a universal frequency (as is G) that can be tried to any condition. Frequency B | 584 Hz Autonomic nerve balance : Resonates with Endoderm (innermost tissue) that forms the lining of the intestinal tract, the lungs, the bladder, the urethra, and the auditory tube. It also forms the thyroid, thymus, liver, gall bladder and pancreas. Improves nutritional assimilation, allergy problems and balances the parasympathetic nervous system. Used for circulatory problems, edema, and lymph problems. Frequency C | 1,168Hz Muscle and blood circulation : Resonates with Mesoderm (middle tissue) that forms connective tissue such as ligaments, tendons, cartilage, muscle, and bone. It also forms the heart, blood and lymph vessels, kidneys, ovaries, testes, spleen, and the cortex of the adrenal gland. Used for muscle, skeletal and myofascial pain.* Try D if chronic condition related to C is not improving. Frequency D | 2,336 Hz Mind and body stress adjustment : Helps to balance the two sides of the brain. May also help reduce and treat stress. Frequency E | 4,672Hz Peripheral Nervous System : Used for spinal and skin disorders and for pain control. Resonates with the spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. Veterinary experience: Reduces excess calcification such as bone spurs and arthritic joints. Frequency F | 73 Hz - Harmonic Frequency Hormone Balance : Resonates with the sub-corticalor lower regions of the brain. including the thalamus and hypothalamus—two major control centers for body functions. May also help with muscle spasms, facial pain, headaches and depression. Has been used for non-healing bone fractures and to help balance hormones. Veterinary experience: Improves circulation. Frequency G | 146Hz - Harmonic Frequency Brain activation intelligent tissue : Used for memory, psychological disorders, nervousness and worry. Resonates with the cerebral cortex of the brain—involved with thinking, imagining and creating. Veterinary experience: Reduces inflammation and scar tissue on tendons and ligaments, reduces edema and improves gums. Frequency G is a universal frequency (as is A) that can be tried for any condition. Map of Body on the Outer Ear 이미지 In addition to discovering the natural body frequencies, Paul Nogier discovered that all areas of the body are connected to the outer ear. As a result, he mapped the entire body on the outer ear. This map represents the acupuncture points—the points connected to the Chinese system of meridians—that reach organs and tissues throughout the body.
His son, Raphael Nogier, states that the outer ear is also connected to the body with a network of miniscule neuro-vascular complexes. These neuro-vascular complexes or points on the outer ear are “made up of a nerve, a lymphatic vessel, a small artery, and a veinule.”
Charles McGee explains how Nogier’s interest in the outer ear began. “In 1951 he saw many old people from the Mediterranean area in his medical practice that had little rectangular scars in the same area of the external ear.” He learned that a folk healer had burned the area to relieve back pain. Most of his patients said the procedure had worked.
“He began to look for skin changes in the ear and correlated these with disease patterns in his patients.”
After several years of meticulous research and mapping, he discovered connections to the body represented in the shape of an upside-down fetus. His identification of acupuncture points has been accepted by Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Conclusion Paul Nogier conducted meticulous research to discover frequencies that resonate with the three basic types of tissues—tissue from which our bodies form and from which we continually replenish cells.
The embryo develops to the birth stage from these three types of tissues.
In addition to the three basic frequencies, Nogier identified four more frequencies corresponding to body tissues.
He concluded that illness results when our cells are out of step with their normal, healthy vibrations.
When we feed our cells their natural healthy frequencies we give them the opportunity to once again vibrate with health.
Today, there are several Special wavelength bands that offer the seven Nogier frequencies in addition to the Light spectrum choices.
The addition of frequencies means the LED light is pulsed.
Each LED emits a specific wave with the additional benefit of a healing pulse or frequency.
If the seven Nogier frequencies are provided apart from the spectrum selection during the light treatment, the result will be amplified through tailored treatment effect.