PBM is short for Photobiomodulation


With endless passion and effort, we aspire to build a society of high quality of life with no drug side effects.

Mechanism of PBM
광생물 변조 (PBM) 원리 광생물 변조 (PBM) 원리
Our Core Technology
Whole-body Photobiomodulation (PBM) chamber has been developed to treat metabolic diseases, neurological and circulatory functions. Through multiple clinical trials, our device has been acknowledged to have better performance and treatment effects than those made in the US, the UK and EU. We have been the first to establish a concurrent clinical system incorporating both PBM therapy and the hydrogen inhalation therapy.

Light source thermal radiation technology

During whole body light therapy, in order for numerous light sources’ wavelength spectrum to reach deep inside human body, thermal radiation technology of high output is essential. Researchers at Hueilght has developed a safe way to simultaneously use 45,000 LED chips for a long time. (invention patent)
Personalized light frequency modulation (system) based on disease symptom
전신광선챔버 방열 기술 전신광선챔버 방열 기술
Bioresonance frequency
Each organ has their own distinct frequency. There is a frequency difference when you are healthy and unhealthy. The difference is received and once the original wavelength is irradiated at a certain interval, the mitochondria’s function is even more activated. This theory is the quantum therapy technology theory which was developed in USA, France, and Germany.

Through combining Nogier Frequency, a quantum therapy technology theory that was developed in France, irradiation is made based on specific diseases with its unique frequency. This maximizes the treatment effect and is combined to the treatment. In conclusion, Huelight m which maximizes treatment effect.
Care fusion technology

Care system that fuses and connects WB-PBM, HIIT, HOT, and SWT

Human body is made of numbers of connected tissues and it is continuously circulating. Especially when it comes to metabolism circulatory system related diseases (cancer, diabetes, and brain, cardiovascular, digestive system, and circulatory system related diseases), the entire body must be controlled to reach complete cure. Huelight researches the process of, and a way to run machines that maintains and recovers the overall balance of the body.
  • 분자수소 흡입장치
  • 분자수소 흡입장치

    Molecular hydrogen inhalation machine

  • 케어 융합 기술

    High pressure Oxygen Therapy capsule

  • 케어 융합 기술
  • 케어 융합 기술

    Wave exercise machine

WB-PBM & HIT conversion technology

Simultaneous usage of WB-PBM (Whole-Body Photobiomodulation) and HIT (Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy) was found to have a synergic effect in which it relatively increases each treatment’s effect. To further improve this treatment method’s process, we develop various molecular hydrogen inhalation machines that are harmless to human body.
  • 전신광선요법과 수소흡입요법 융합 기술

    WB-PBM and HIT

  • 전신광선요법과 수소흡입요법 융합 기술

    Mitochondrial signaling due to
    hydrogen inhalation From simultaneous
    usage of WB-PBM and HIT

  • 전신광선요법과 수소흡입요법 융합 기술

    Hydrogen inhalation machine

Diagnosis and personalized immune care medical technique (Big data)

we study whole body diagnosis, treatment, and personalized care medical treatment techniques.
Each patient’s health status change is constantly monitored and managed through a personally designed device. Accumulated data is evolving(AI) through a care service with high probability of finding the most optimal care for each patient.
광 치료와 웨어러블 진단기능 기술 (빅데이터)